Following the preview of new PowerToys Peek utility, Microsoft releases feature-packed PowerToys v0.57.2 – BetaNews

Earlier this week we learned about a prototype PowerToys utility called Peek which is set to bring a macOS-style Quick Look feature to Windows 11. There is no word on when this handy tool will be added to the PowerToys suite but in the meantime, there is a new update to install.
With the release of PowerToys v0.57.2, Microsoft introduced an important number of tweaks, changes and new settings for utilities including PowerToys Run and AlwaysOnTop. There is also a key change to FancyZones for Windows 11 users.
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In the release notes for PowerToys v0.57.2, Microsoft says: “This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.57.2 to fix a few bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates”.
But in many ways this downplays the significance of the update.
Windows 11 users who have been frustrated by the removal of rounded corners when using FancyZones will be pleased to find that there is now a new setting that can be used to change this. There are also numerous changes to PowerToys Run, including the ability to run programs as different users, a reduction in system resource usage, and the re-appearance of shortcuts to Control Panel and File Explorer.
While only a minor jump in version number, PowerToys v0.57.2 has a fairly extensive changelog:
You can find out more and download PowerToys v0.57.2 from GitHub, or use the update option of your current version to upgrade.
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